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HVAC Contractor Tips: How to Prepare for Spring

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The frigid winter has finally turned to spring, which can mean many things, including spring cleaning. So, now that everything has thawed out, is your heating and cooling system still running correctly and efficiently?

HVAC maintenance is imperative this time of the year. Failure to maintain your system could result in a breakdown right when the weather reaches its warmest, costing you time and money, or worse. Try these HVAC contractor tips and prepare your HVAC system for the ever-changing weather conditions before it is too late.

  • Change Filters: This is usually the quickest, easiest and most crucial fix. Your air filter will rack up the dirt and grime in the winter so come spring it is time to change it out and replace it with a new air filter. This simple change can better your indoor air quality and prolong the life of your unit. As the weather gets warmer and more pollinated, you may have to even continue to change your air filters out once a month or so. Keep in mind, a dirty air filter can increase your utility bill by up to 15 percent.
  • Program Thermostats: Using a programmable thermostat can save you and your unit money and energy by only allowing devices to work only when they are needed. This way while you are gone on vacation or at work all day, your unit knows it can raise the temperature, thus saving you about 10 percent on energy bills. 
  • Clean Coils: Much like your filters, your unit's coils will also suffer a build-up of dirt, dust, debris, and worse throughout the winter and stormy weather. You will want to remove as much of the debris as you can from your coils by turning off the power to your system, opening the metal cage, and hosing the coils down until they are clean.
  • Go Green: Making energy-conscious decisions can greatly improve your home and HVAC system. This can include adding a ceiling fan to a room to take some pressure off your air conditioner or even closing or shading windows to keep your home cooler. Additionally, you could switch to an energy efficient HVAC system altogether, as this more modern model is known to lower energy costs and be better for everyone.
  • Insulate: If your duct work is leaking it is literally like throwing money out the door, and you could be losing as much as 25 percent on your energy bill each month. Be sure your home and your ducts are sealed and insulated in order to stop leaks, which will save you energy and money, as well as save the life of your system.
  • Get Help: You cannot do it all alone so do not be afraid to ask for help. That is why we are here. Whether you do not know what you are doing, or you just don't have time, feel free to call a Longacre HVAC contractor to do the dirty work. If your system needs a big fix, routine maintenance, or only an inspection, we are ready for it all and can give you the final word on where your system stands. Additionally, having a professional do maintenance is not only safer, but sometimes essential, as there are some tasks that should only be performed by someone certified in the process or service.
  • Replace It: Sometimes it is all right to let go. In many cases, especially those where a unit is more than 15 years old, it is time to consider a replacement. If your air conditioner is not working completely or properly, is costing you more money than it is worth, or is unsafe, it is time to go ahead and update to a newer model. Though it may cost you money at the time, newer systems are known to be up to 50 percent more efficient and can begin to save you money on your energy bill immediately. Not only that, but your new system will perform so well you will wonder how you have lived without it the last few years.


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Posted By: Caitlin Rickard

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