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How to Live with a Bathroom Contractor in Your Home

Friday, April 10, 2015
After spending time meeting with bathroom contractors to find the the right one that meets your needs and project, it is time to invite them into your home to begin work. As a homeowner it can be a bit of a struggle to live with this process and remain sane. So what do you do?

Prepare Yourself

When having bathroom renovations made, it is best to prepare yourself for a different way to live while the work goes on. It can be a bit tedious having your personal space invaded and the mess that will occur, but if you plan ahead you will be all the happier for it.


For your own sake and sometimes for the sake of your bathroom contractor, it is best to find solace away from where the work will be taking place. For some people this means relocating to the other side of their home and for others it means camping out at a different place altogether.
Since taking a vacation is not really a realistic idea at the same time that you are having your bathroom remodeled, it is best to try  and nail down the times that your workers plan to be in your home. If you plan on being home, it is also suggested to maybe invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Abiding the Dust

Remodeling equals dust. There is no way around that fact. You signed up for it the moment you decided on a renovation. 
To prevent as much tracking from the bathroom to the rest of the house cover floors exiting the room. Also, make sure that workers are laying down drop cloths. 


This may sound completely impossible while work is being on your home, but trusting your bathroom contractor is the best way to do this. Yes, ask questions and be involved in the process, but do not let all the small detail stress you out. Know that unexpected problems are bound to arise, but you went through the work of hiring a contractor that knows what they are doing so let them.  

Be a Good Neighbor

If your remodel is taking place within close proximity of other homes, it is a good idea to do a little sucking up. Bring over a gift of some sort to let them know you appreciate their patience and understanding.  
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