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Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Trends

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
One of the main areas in a kitchen, outside of appliances, that homeowners really focus on when having updates done is their cabinets. The color and style of cabinets can really show the age of the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Trends

Lighter kitchens are the common trend in today's remodels. White, or off-white, Shaker-style doors create a clean and light look for any style home. 
The lazy Susan that once was found within all kitchens has now been replaced with more modern storage options. Cabinets are now lined with pullout trays, bread boxes, and narrow spaces to organize pans, utensils, and spices. Drawer inserts are also now being added more to avoid the dreaded clutter drawer.
The standard cabinet is also being replaced with glass-front doors that create a break in floor to ceiling closed cabinetry. A few of these cabinets in any kitchen can make it feel much more open. 
Cabinets are also being used to mask appliances. For instance, placing a refrigerator behind a cabinet door. This gives a more cohesive look to the kitchen. 
A more dimensional trend to kitchens is to place contrasting colored cabinets in a kitchen. An example would be to have white, standard-placed cabinets and black island or cabinet in the center placed in the kitchen. 
There is also a growing trend to do away with cabinets altogether and replace them with open shelving. Mixing the two also helps to remove heavy cabinetry and still give the desired storage space. 

Options for Updating Kitchen Cabinets

When updating dark cabinets, there are several options a homeowner has. The least expensive option would be to simply paint the cabinets. However, they could also reface the cabinets; this would include applying a new wood veneer to the cabinet bases and installing new door and drawers. More expensive options for making kitchen cabinets look more modern include replacing them completely or have them stripped, bleached, and refinished.  
The Longacre Company has the necessary contractors for any type of kitchen remodeling project in the Pottstown, Limerick, Royersford, and surrounding Southeastern Pennsylvania areas. 
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